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Regional Business Women is the upcoming, upscale professional organization of business women (and men*) seeking to achieve economic success...in person...in print....online.

RBW encourage strong participation through quality referrals, promotional events, strong marketing and effective networking specifically designed to embrace women in business.

Relationship building is the key method to generate, sustain and grow your business. We do so by providing connectivity to people and opportunities as your extensive network of business and personal contacts and an environment that is supportive of both your business and personal goals. We encourage you to grow and lead the way as one of the most respected and valuable resources for business women today.

We make it easy for business professionals to gain access to RBW events, workshops, business tips and articles that educate and inform your of useful business information. Regional Business Women provides sales marketing in print, on the Internet and in person. We seek all business people who wish to bring themselves beyond the next level of business development and sales.

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*We do NOT discriminate or dissuade any gender from participating,